Paige Stapleton

Sourcing Specialist

Hello, my name is Paige Stapleton and I work for MSO Premier Allied. I am a Sourcing Specialist, and my job is to build relationships with every person I speak with. I get to know more about their work history and their interests with traveling. I also bring humor to the table and more people relate to my funniness than they do the business side. My professional accomplishment is that I worked in the hospital prior to this position and was the Staffing Coordinator who worked with Account Managers of travel nurses. Now I am on the other side of things and have transitioned well with my new position. My values are to help people out whether they want to travel or not. As I said above, I build those relationships with every person I speak with which helps my career by building trust long-term. Outside of work I am a fur mom to two adorable dogs, I take full time online classes for my Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family as much as possible, and I am addicted to tattoos.